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Dr. sc. Josip Vlaić


Development of children’s feet and choice of the first shoes


The choice of the first children shoes, the ones that are going to be worn when children start walking is important. Over time, it has been shown that optimal foot development occurs in a barefoot environment. That means that, for optimal development of children’s feet, it would be good for children to walk barefoot from an early age. However, this kind of scenario is difficult for all of us to imagine because there are various dangers when walking barefoot. However, choosing the type of children’s footwear made according to the barefoot model seems like an excellent alternative that provides adequate protection for the feet, and at the same time provides the desired conditions for the optimal development of children’s feet.

Today’s footwear made according to the barefoot model is light, has enough room for the toes, is flexible and has no cushioning material for the soles, so walking in barefoot footwear is functionally considered as walking barefoot while simultaneously protecting the feet. Moreover, a recent study by Gimunov et al. on children in the walking phase showed that children who walked in barefoot shoes had a larger foot arch and a smaller foot progression angle when walking, compared to their peers who walked in classic children’s slippers. Therefore, they have better parameters that are considered favorable for the correct development of the feet.

There are several models on the market, of which, according to the previously mentioned classifications, the Baobaby barefoot model of shoes for children starting to walk stands out the most. This model of barefoot shoes, in addition to looking visually beautiful and appealing to children, is made by hand and without glue, so the possibility of allergies to glue is avoided. The shoes are easy to put on and are soft, so they fit perfectly to the foot. The edge of the shoe that comes next to the ankle is lined with velvet fabric, so there is no blistering at all. Finally, when the parents bring the child for a consultation with a pediatric orthopedist after the first steps have been taken, the experiences with the Baobaby barefoot shoe model are excellent.


Ph.D. Josip Vlaić, MD, specialist in orthopedics and sub specialist in children’s orthopedics, from Zagreb Children’s Clinic in Klaićeva Street

Dr. Branimira Pašalić


3 most important things when choosing shoes for your child’s first steps


Most parents are troubled by how to choose shoes in which their children will take their first steps.

The choice of models, colors and patterns is large, but how to choose the healthiest for your child?

Ever since the beginning of evolution, man has tried to protect his feet with the help of leather covers.

Experts agree that for the first steps, even up to the third year of life, it is necessary to allow the foot to develop muscles and bones as freely as possible. It is also important for the child to develop proprioception and reflexes, which ensure stability when walking and avoid injuries. This will have a positive effect on movement not only at the age of a child, but also later on in an adult.

What are the three most important things/characteristics:

  1. shoes should be flexible and have a soft sole so that the foot can feel the surface as much as possible
  2. have a non-slip sole and a sufficient width so that children’s fingers are not squeezed
  3. be made of natural, breathable material to be safe for delicate children’s skin

Only by choosing the right shoes can you help your child to enjoy playing in the park, play sports and develop proper body posture.

It is Baobaby shoes that meet the most important criteria when choosing your child’s first shoes.


Dr. Branimira Pašalić, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Emmett and MFR Practitioner

 Alma Ćurtović


Baobaby Pelice soft sole shoes for babies


There are eternal dilemmas when and what shoes to buy for a child.

While your baby is crawling and starting to stand up, shoes are not needed, nor are they necessary during the first steps, except when the child is outside. Then the shoes serve to protect against injuries and the weather/rain, snow… The hard shoe and sole interfere with proper crawling and the child cannot properly perform a lunge. In this case, he or she must additionally transfer the weight for the height of the sole in order to step out properly, which is not feasible at that age. When crawling, due to its stiffness, the shoe places the feet in an outward/valgus position, and when walking, prevents the transfer of stimuli to the foot muscles.

As a physiotherapist who has been dealing with children’s neuro-motor development for many years, I recommend soft, breathable leather shoes made of natural materials/shoes that allow complex movements between joints and effectively enable weight transfer over bones and soft tissues. Until they are able to walk safely, and even after that, it is good for the child to use this type of footwear at home, which will allow the proper development of the feet without hindrance.


 Alma Ćurtović, Bacc physioth, Bobath instructor, Schroth therapist

Leon Flatz


Baobaby Pelice soft sole shoes for babies


I recommend Baobaby shoes with great joy and I would be very happy if I had them as a child because my feet would have enjoyed even then, and not wait until I was an adult when I started doing foot reflexology.


Leon Flatz, Reflexotherapy Flatz