Experts on Baobaby shoes

Ph.D. Josip Vlaić, orhopedist

Baobaby barefoot model of shoes, in addition to looking visually beautiful and appealing to children, is made by hand and without glue, so the possibility of allergies to glue is avoided. The shoes are easy to put on and are soft, so they fit perfectly to the foot. The edge of the shoe that comes next to the ankle is lined with velvet fabric, so there is no blistering at all. Finally, when the parents bring the child for a consultation with a pediatric orthopedist after the first steps have been taken, the experiences with the Baobaby barefoot shoe model are excellent.

Dr. Branimira Pašalić, physiatrist

Only by choosing the right shoes can you help your child to enjoy playing in the park, play sports and develop proper body posture.

It is Baobaby shoes that meet the most important criteria when choosing your child’s first shoes.

Alma Ćurtović, Bacc physioth

As a physiotherapist who has been dealing with children’s neuro-motor development for many years, I recommend soft, breathable leather shoes made of natural materials/shoes that allow complex movements between joints and effectively enable weight transfer over bones and soft tissues. Until they are able to walk safely, and even after that, it is good for the child to use this type of footwear at home, which will allow the proper development of the feet without hindrance.

 Leon Flatz, reflexologist

I recommend Baobaby shoes with great joy and I would be very happy if I had them as a child because my feet would have enjoyed even then, and not wait until I was an adult when I started doing foot reflexology.