Safely cuddled in a free childhood

Every parent feels best cuddled with their baby. However, babies quickly grow and want to explore the world. The parent’s role is to create a safe environment and nurture a bond that will always enable the child to feel safe and strong on their own two feet.

At Baobaby we are dedicated to providing families with natural products that will bring benefits to their everyday life. We cherish active lifestyle and want to enable children to move freely, develop their creativity and activate their senses. Our biggest reward is happiness of our users. When a parent tells us how much their children enjoy Boababy, we know that our job is done well.

With Baobaby products, you’re buying gentle natural materials, top-quality vegetable-tanned chromium-free leather, safe for your and your child’s skin, and environmentally friendly. Our products are soft, tailored to your child’s needs, allowing free movement and giving the right support.

We believe in local production, reducing our transportation footprint – that is why our products are made in Croatia, EU, where we are based.

Baobaby is happy to join companies that use natural and eco-friendly materials and make high-quality durable products, so children could use and wear them for a long time.

Nature is our great source of inspiration. We like to include nature motives and little messages of love and kindness into our design. And above all, we enjoy our work the most when children enjoy our products.

The story of the baobab tree

A story tells… at some point in human history, there were so few of us that we barely managed to survive. That was when Mother Nature took care of our little community with the help of a tree – the baobab. The tree of life. While many species went extinct, the trees were strong and gave us shelter, water and a fruit so rich in nutrients, that we now refer to it as a “superfruit”.

The baobab story, true or not, teaches us a valuable lesson: let’s respect nature and take care of each other!

Even though there are billions of us today, we are still a community of the same people, people who love life, their children and enjoy the beautiful nature.

So what can we do? We can raise considerate, conscious and kind children, teach them to support and respect each other, no matter whether those others live in the neighbourhood or on another continent. Teach them to be playful, enjoy life and respect nature by using fewer resources and leaving the lightest ecological footprint. Together we can make it again.